Mediocrity is clearly shown in human as most people are easily manipulated by the media and become fans of them. But how do we avoid being manipulated?; You have. That the media are a weapon of mass manipulation is no secret, though the great ignorant people do not want to admit it and still maintain their faith in television, radio network, newspaper, magazine or favorite Web site is independent and impartial and that always tells the truth. Show that everyone says is always a small element of truth and build a big lie it only requires: Paying attention to each of them and not just one who tells us what we want to hear. Having clearly no independent media and that after them there are companies with economic interests and political parties also economic interests. You have to know that companies and business groups on the one hand, and political parties on the other, behind each medium. Doubting all the data that make us come and build us the information from an analysis of them. Each media tells us the "dirty laundry" of his competitor, and that is where attention should be paid more. Now all the above be irrelevant were it not for the end who suffers such manipulation is citizenship. The worst is when you try to manipulate the judiciary and when large (or small) troubles are not responsible or solutions: When a judge makes a decision according to the opinion of a media and political party linked to it, both declare that the judge is correct in its decision. Otherwise, they declare that the judge was wrong, that is always right and they also spread distrust of the judiciary and lack of confidence in it. When in town a great misfortune happens, the party is in opposition blames the government and insists that an investigation to know who caused this calamity.The government, meanwhile, always said that was due to an accident of which they are responsible and try to avoid an investigation into that incident. The media opposition begin to try to convince people that the government wants to investigate and media supporters to try to convince the latter that was an accident. Curiously, when changing roles, both politicians and journalists stand in the same way. Hypocrites. Having faith in one or other is absurd and stupid. Nobody should think for you, different is that you are not capable of thinking, do not want to think or both.