There are cities who were not born to have children but guests. So many times we pinamarenses: guests in our own city. Always willing to offer the best to visitors, lies before them a sea boundless and barely manages to stop him with beaches, dunes and woods are a great designer, named Jorge Bunge, design, mile after mile. And we pinamarenses, enjoying the spectacle. This city modeling a character, a way of understanding life. the pinamarenses not raise our eyes to see the sky. Just look for adelante.La line, beyond the end of everything, sometimes it deleted. Where does the air, where water, sand, where the forest?. It is in these pages where we invite you to discover. Because PINAMAR is so strong, so essential in our lives who will always know where the back, body and soul. Sometimes it will be only in soul. But always, we assure, will be returning.

Country Argentina · Province Buenos Aires · party(game) Pinamar Ubicación 37°70S 56°5121O  / -37.11667,-56.85583 · Altitude 17 msnm Foundation on February 14, 1943 (for Arq. Jorge Bunge) Population 20.175 hab. (INDEC, 2001) · Density 162,5 hab./km ² · Crec.intercensal 100,33 % (1991, 2001) National % pinamarense ZIP code B7167 telephonic Pref. 02254 Intendant Rafael de Vito (Forehead(Front) for the Victory) official Information IFAM BUE097 I
                 Surround web   www.pinamar.gov.ar