The huge moon on the horizon

When we see the moon near the horizon seems a lot bigger than when overhead. We still perish bigger when we see shapes in the horizon with which to compare. If the measured and the contrast or take a photo, you see that the moon always has the same apparent size. It is an illusion. Our brain interprets the larger size near the horizon to see it. If you look upside down putting his head between his legs, look like the illusion vanishes, and appears to return to a normal size. The same effect occurs when you see two lines of the same size but pretending to create a perspective. No one knows exactly why, but probably our brains interpret the sky as a flat surface. What is on the horizon is unconsciously interpreted as something far away, and therefore equal size, we welcome interpreted as an object necessarily greater.Similarly, when we see someone away, albeit very small, we have the feeling of watching a toy doll. He imagines that mistaking a kitten with a lion at 200 yards!