The southern shores of the Atlantic, with its rare blue water and its opacity, the result of the enormous amount of nutrients it contains, provide an ocea-cal region unique.

This space is in contact with a res of water bodies in May of the world, its banks are so connected through the liquid medium from America to Europe and Africa, sharing the land enclave that records the most intense maritime activity. 

The city of Pinamar its latitude is part of an area whose water recycling system, optimized by the confluence of ocean currents of the is the Malvinas and Brazil, offers a quality am ronmental unusual pureza.

En of this framework, the core human interface meet the sea and land, integrates its own culture medium that is manifestly ta through exchange with the natural context the testimony of its history from the creation of their society, their vocation citizen, and his vision for future. 

PINAMAR has a strong presence in South REPUBLICA ARGENTINA. So it expresses its structure social, economic, business, tourism vida.Heredera as the dreams and promises the collective imagination of Argentine and foreign, is net reference sea distinctive atmosphere forests and beaches.